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Sarah Nishioka
Firstnotes Musikgarten of Seattle  206-524-5086
​Greenwood / Northgate

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Class Descriptions

PrePiano1 (Ages 4 & 5 Years)

34 week session

This class cultivates the child's musical development through songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, poetry and stories, movement activities, listening games, instrumental play and manipulative games. Rudimentary music skills such as pitch matching, beat competency, ensemble development, and music notation are dealt with using themes taken from the child's home environment and natural surroundings.

Material packets include a CD, a poster and game pieces, notation games, instrument pages and a book. Children receive 5 packets throughout the 34 week session: My Home Place, Woodlands, Marshlands, Meadow and Seashore.

PrePiano2 (Ages 5-7 Years)

This class is designed to accommodate the 5 and 6 year old and is also a perfect follow-up for children who have completed Music Makers At Home in the World. In this class, children explore the music, dances and stories of different cultures.  The key ingredients are singing, listening, playing instruments, lots of movement, and learning though fun tonal and rhythm games. Through echoing patterns the children build a vocabulary of musical phrases which they can recognize aurally and visually- this leads to an understanding of musical notation.  Throughout the year and in a special segment in spring, the children are introduced to the piano.

Materials include CDs,  maps, song pages, and notation games. Children will receive 4 packets throughout the 34 weeks: British Isles, AmerIndians, African-American Culture, Germany

Summer My Neighborhood (4-5)

July and August nine week session. We are using five music notation games(rhythmic & tonal) with an Intro to the Recorder.

Piano Class I (Graduates of PrePiano2)

34 week session

This is an exciting step on the pathway to music literacy. The curriculum for Piano 1, 2 & 3 is  designed to teach the children to play the songs they've been hearing, singing, and dancing to throughout their early childhood years.  All of the Piano classes follow a sequential approach building piano skills through visual and aural awareness which fosters the meaning and understanding of musical notation. The children learn how to compose their own rhythms and tonal patterns

Materials for each year:
2 workbooks, notation games, 4 CDs
and a parent guide in Year 1

Piano Class 1B&2 (Graduate of Piano 1A&1B)

34 week session

Piano Class 3 (Graduate of Piano 2)

34 week session

Piano, private and semi-private

34 week session

The children study voice, solfege, chords, and rhythm in a fun and age appropriate way.
Materials listed under Piano1,2,3. Semi-private and private lessons are taught in the same vein as piano classes using supplementary materials when appropriate.

Ukulele, private and semi-private

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument for children. We play familiar songs and new songs.
​The children study voice, solfege, chords, and rhythm in a fun and age appropriate way.